GeoIP database issues and the real world consequences

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> You *do* realize that the woman in the McDonald's case got *third degree*
> burns and required skin grafts, right?  Water at 180F is hot enough to
> burn you - we even have a word for it: scalding.  And unlike sipping too-hot
> coffee, where you can spit it out quickly, hot water spilled on clothing
> continues to burn until the clothing is removed or cooled off - neither of
> which is feasible when you're elderly and seated in a car.
> And that she originally only sued for the cost of her medical bills, and the
> jury increased it with punitive damages when presented evidence that over 700
> other people had received burns?
> Now go and get informed, and commit this sin no more :)
> - how that lawsuit *actually* played out.

and lists dozens of other lawsuits spawned 
by that result, as well as commentary on the McDonald's case. Last 
updated 2008 but I'm sure examples are still flooding in to a courtroom 
near you.

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