phone fun, was GeoIP database issues and the real world consequences

Larry Sheldon larrysheldon at
Thu Apr 14 19:57:33 UTC 2016

On 4/14/2016 10:32, Leo Bicknell wrote:
> In a message written on Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 12:29:39AM -0000, John Levine wrote:
>> The people on nanog are not typical.  I looked around for statistics
>> and didn't find much, but it looks like only a few percent of numbers
>> are ported each month, and it's often the same numbers being ported
>> repeatedly.
> It's a big issue for political pollers, and they have some data:
>      "roughly half (47%) of U.S. adults whose only phone is a cellphone."
>      "in a recent national poll, 8% of people interviewed by cellphone in
>       California had a phone number from a state other than California.
>       Similarly, of the people called on a cellphone number associated with
>       California, 10% were interviewed in a different state."
> So maybe 10% of all cell phones are primarly used in the "wrong" area?

OK, let us suppose I want to be a law biding, up right American and use 
only a cellphone for the "right" area.

I drive a big truck OTR.  I usually know what part of which state I am 
in, but I frequently do not know which part of what state I will be in 
in 24 hours.

What should I do?

Suppose I was, instead, an aircrew member and the only truly stable 
datum is "Planet Earth"?

sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Juvenal)

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