FCC Privacy NPRM [was Re: GeoIP database]

Livingood, Jason Jason_Livingood at comcast.com
Thu Apr 14 13:49:31 UTC 2016

I have not yet read all of the 147 pages of the FCC Privacy NPRM -
consumer-privacy. But it may be worth noting, especially for this
audience, that the FCC proposes considering things like IP addresses and
geo-location information to be Customer Proprietary Information.

While IANAL it seems that this could perhaps complicate efforts to make
GeoIP services more accurate. But who knows.


P.S. While these proposed rules would only initially apply to ISPs, from
what I understand following adoption there will be a move for so-called
parity such that any app or edge provider in the US might have to meet the
same standards.

On 4/12/16, 8:17 PM, "NANOG on behalf of Jean-Francois Mezei"
<nanog-bounces at nanog.org on behalf of jfmezei_nanog at vaxination.ca> wrote:

>All GeoIP services would be forced to  document their default lat/long
>values so that users know that when these values, they know it is a
>generic one for that country. (or supply +181.0000 +91.00000 which is an
>invalid value indicating that there is no lat/long, look at country code

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