Connecting rural providers: ethernet to large city or nearby transit

Benjamin Hatton bhatton at
Wed Apr 13 12:47:54 UTC 2016

We were in a similar situation, smaller rural (although in our case
private) provider making the choice between continuing to buy transit from
our neighbor (big ISP) whom we compete with in certain towns, or getting
~300 miles of backhaul to NYC and buying transit there.  We came off
significantly ahead (10g protected wave + 10g IP transit for about the same
as 2g from the large ISP) going with backhaul.

It all comes down to who you have going through the area that can give you
backhaul.  If the incumbent ISP is the only game in the area, then they
would be your backhaul provider, as buildout to a rural area would be
prohibitively expensive


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