Why the US Government has so many data centers

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Tue Apr 12 21:19:45 UTC 2016

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Wow, this is big news in that article for the companies that 
deal with selling network devices and computers to the DoD:

(Defense Department CIO is Terry Halvorsen)

"Halvorsen also briefed reporters on updates to the department's 
cybersecurity scorecard and its certification process. 

He said he expects to announce revisions in the coming weeks to 
DOD's accreditation and certification process for commercial IT 
products and services. 

"I think we have reached a point where we no longer can do 
specific hardware or software accreditation," he said, meaning a 
piecemeal approach won't keep up with continual updates to, say, 
cloud offerings. 

"Our process wouldn't sustain that," he said of certifying cloud 
offerings that are always being updated. "We need to look at how 
we do certification and accreditation by process and at some point 
maybe even by vendor.""


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