mpls switches

Tim Jackson jackson.tim at
Tue Apr 12 13:22:44 UTC 2016

>> Do the Juniper EX switches support MPLS? I know they have models with
>> multiple 10G ports on them.
> They do, but (deliberately) broken. I wouldn't try it.

EX4600 does MPLS just fine, nothing else really does in the EX
series.. EX4200 can do 1 label. The EX4600 featureset is pretty much
the same as QFX5100 in addition to supporting MACSEC.

>>  There is also the QFX series.
> Not that I know of, but the ACX is a QFX-derivative (Broadcom chipset,
> approach with caution).

QFX5100 works fine for MPLS.. ACX5k is QFX5100 hardware, but a
different train of software, and it's a bit different. QFX5100 is a
great P and lightweight PE..


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