Network Weathermap

James Bensley jwbensley at
Mon Sep 21 16:01:05 UTC 2015

Hi All,

Those of you that have a network weathermap similar to [1], what
software are you using to edit the maps, the built in editor or
something custom, 3rd party/external editor? Paid or free editor?

I'm look for a better editing tool I can preferably use with that
plugin (we are feeding it from Cacti). I'm open to both open source
editors and paid commercial ones.

Maybe you use a different weathermap tool, again I'd be interested to
hear about that too. Doesn't have to be fed from Cacti/RRDs.

Maybe I'm just pants at being visual [2] but I'm finding that making
large maps isn't that well supported (the 'move' option on nodes and
using the 'via' option on links becomes less accurate) and it's
difficult to keep "busy" images clean (no grid, or snap-to-grid,
scaling for higher res maps for larger networks etc). The main problem
is keeping everything neat though.

An example would be that we acquire a network, want to extend an
existing map to incorporate the new network, I can’t select a bunch of
objects and move them along all together I have to painstakingly move
each node by hand, align each link and node by hand etc.


[2] That is most likely the main problem here

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