[CenturyLink][Proto UDP] Blockage of UDP Outbound from Source Port 53

Jason Hellenthal jhellenthal at dataix.net
Thu Oct 29 20:34:56 UTC 2015

Could a CenturyLink network admin/engineer contact me off list.

We have multiple locations receiving DNS queries over UDP where we see the connections making into our server and back out to our CenturyLink edge routers but never completes back to the connecting client at multiple locations.

Connections Failing From Digital Ocean NY, Time Warner WI, Rackspace DFW TX
(Hartford CT)# dig +short +novc @208.46.135.X domain.com A
(Cleveland OH)# dig +short +novc @65.112.236.X domain.com A

Connections from Chicago Rackspace to the above locations work as expected.

CenturyLink Orlando FL to Hartford CT or Cleveland OH, CenturyLink circuits work as expected.

Contact off list for domain and ip information used above.


 Jason Hellenthal

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