speedtest vs geo-coding IP info

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Wed Oct 28 21:06:30 UTC 2015

Legions of NANOG:


Here's an interesting problem.


My customers are running speedtests from Ookla's speedtest.net site.  The
default site is in Kansas and not in Texas where we receive our internet



1.       How do I go about viewing the geo-coded data that accompanies my IP
addresses?  This is obviously a database that is kept for geo-coding
purposes.  The whois info for the block in question traces back to a
superblock formerly owned by PSINet, Inc and has a Washington, DC address.
I conclude that the geo-coding used by speedtest.net is not from the whois

2.       If I pestered my carrier to SWIP the IP address block to me (as
they should have?) would that help me solve my problem?

3.       Is there anything else I need to be thinking of that would help me
have better control of my geo-coding info?  Are there third-party self sign
up/volunteer database which house geo-coding info?


Thanks in advance!




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