DNSSEC broken for login.microsoftonline.com

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Wed Oct 28 10:08:38 UTC 2015

Bruce Curtis <bruce.curtis at ndsu.edu> wrote:

>   Drill run on one of our name servers shows that the error is
> 	Existence denied: microsoftonline.com

No, drill just says there are no DS records which means the domain is
insecure so any problems with it should be unrelated to DNSSEC.

> [T] Existence denied: microsoftonline.com. DS
> ;; No ds record for delegation
> ;; Domain: microsoftonline.com.
> ;; No DNSKEY record found for microsoftonline.com.
> ;; No DS for login.microsoftonline.com.;; No ds record for delegation
> ;; Domain: login.microsoftonline.com.
> ;; No DNSKEY record found for login.microsoftonline.com.

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