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Dovid Bender dovid at telecurve.com
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Sorry for not clarifying. Of course we have probes and looking glasses from the edge of each others networks. The point was to have devices where we could see how our content loaded and behaved. For instance if a Verizon user tries to place a VoIP call to my network what would the quality be like? If we did a wget what speeds are coming across to the end user etc. We would offer a service where you would experience what your end clients experienced interacting with your network. Of course there would be mtr/traceroutes etc but that's a given.

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These are "open" projects that ISPs can join to monitor performance
between networks, I would recommend joining those instead of
reinventing the wheel.

I don't how much scope or interest there would be just for a raw speed
test between networks though, however if enough networks really wanted
it you could talk to the guys running the NL Ring (if it isn't already
a feature, you could develop it there).



I'm not sure if RIPE allow ISPs from outside Europe to join the Atlas
project, if not ARIN could start one, it's been very successful here
in Europe.




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