Why is NANOG not being blacklisted like any other provider that sent 500 spam messages in 3 days?

Stephen Satchell list at satchell.net
Tue Oct 27 00:32:30 UTC 2015

On 10/26/2015 04:40 PM, Larry Sheldon wrote:
>> Whats a Twitter?  Is it IRC on a web-page for the addle, sort of like
>> a "web-forum" is Usenet for the addle?
>> Never used a "Twitter".  Web Forums rately.  The 1 D 10 T quotient is
>> too high ..
> The Pony Express has been dead for years, what DO you use if email
> doesn't work?

There is this funny piece of plastic (used to be rubber) that is 
ubiquitous.  And works a hell of a lot more often than the Internet, 
frankly, especially if you don't use the Internet version (SIP).

I concur with "What's a 'Twitter'" -- I watched a colleague get fired 
because of that, along with something called "The Facebook".

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