NANOG list attack

Mehmet Akcin mehmet at
Mon Oct 26 23:40:56 UTC 2015

Thank you team

On Monday, October 26, 2015, Job Snijders <job at> wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 03:17:37PM -0400, Larry Blunk wrote:
> >    Just wanted to apologize for the attack over the weekend.  The
> > posts came from a email address that was subscribed to the list, so
> > it was not subjected to moderation.  While a filter was added
> > to block further posts (which were made in a short time window),
> > there were existing message queues that were not cleared in a
> > timely basis.
> >
> >   As Job Snijders (a fellow Communications Committee member) noted
> > in an earlier post, we will be implementing some additional protection
> > mechanisms to prevent this style of incident from happening again. We
> > will be more aggressively moderating posts from addresses who have
> > not posted recently, in addition to other filtering mechanisms.
> To add to that: several people reached out off-list, offering help and
> recommendations. We'll be following those up in the next few days. Thank
> you for your support!
> Some people found the admins at <javascript:;> readership
> unresponsive, but I
> assure you this is not the case under normal circumstances. The admins
> mail distribution was clogged up for the same reasons as the main list.
> We'll work on improving our reachability.
> Kind regards,
> Job

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