Why is NANOG not being blacklisted like any other provider that sent 500 spam messages in 3 days?

Andrew Kirch trelane at trelane.net
Mon Oct 26 20:56:02 UTC 2015


Myth: NANOG supposed to be the gold standard for best practices.
Fact: 500 spam messages over the weekend.

Myth:  there were no complaints and this issue was raised over the weekend
Fact: I raised it this weekend via twitter twice @NANOG, and requested
contact from SCNET (NANOG's upstream) trying to find a live person to shut
it off.

Myth: blah blah blah social media is a bad way to get ahold of netops/abuse.
Fact: Social media is an acceptable way to report abuse.  My marketing
department certainly knows how to get ahold of me when such an issue
occurs. It's 2015, and if you and everyone you know isn't watching twitter
I can't help you, because you've gone braindead.

Myth: but you could have reached out to someone else and maybe done
something to stop this quickly.
Fact: I reached out to several people at ARIN and elsewhere trying to get a
live person at NANOG to no avail.

Myth: this is acceptable because NANOG has political clout in the US and
Fact: If I was still running the AHBL, NANOG would be it's own private
intranet right now.


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