*tap tap* is this thing on?

Brielle Bruns bruns at 2mbit.com
Mon Oct 26 20:48:59 UTC 2015

On 10/26/15 11:21 AM, Larry Sheldon wrote:
> On 10/25/2015 17:56, Brielle Bruns wrote:
>> This spam flood is kinda hilarious in a way.  Any idea why no one with
>> mod or admin privs for the mailing list has bothered to step in and deal
>> with this?
> You can find people who have been convinced that NANOG is fundamentally
> pro-abuse because to many of them, it is revenue traffic.

I get such mixed messages from people on this list when it comes to 
network abuse (esp spam).

I'd almost venture to say that viewpoint is justified somewhat by the 
attitude of many major providers about the crap that spews forth from 
their or their customer's IP space.

I get it that it is hard for large providers to be proactive about 
things going on due to the sheer size of their networks, but come on. 
That excuse only works for so long.

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