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Joel Mulkey joelm at
Thu Oct 22 15:35:54 UTC 2015

We recently went through this. After looking around for a bit I found good prices with both and I ended up going with IPv4 The purchasing process was pretty painless, however before I did that I went through the ARIN pre-approval process which was their standard annoying level of verification. It took probably 4-5 weeks for the whole process (ARIN pre-approval, purchase, seller transfer time).

I did some careful research on the available blocks from both vendors to try to make sure they weren't used for SPAM (and also simply asked the sellers). ARIN has a VERY helpful tool for this called a WhoWas report which you can use to dig into the history of the block.

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> On Oct 22, 2015, at 7:24 AM, Clay Curtis <clay584 at> wrote:
> I work for a VAR and we are starting to have customers come to us to help
> with internet redundancy projects and they are unable to get address space
> from ARIN.  What are the viable options here?  I have read about secondary
> markets, transfers, auction sites, leasing, etc.  Can NANOG point me in the
> right direction as to the most effective way to get v4 space right now in
> the US?  And before we get into the whole IPv6 discussion, yes, yes, we are
> discussing this with customers as well.  That being said, they still need
> the IPv4 space in the near-term.
> Thanks all,
> Clay Curtis

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