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> Dear networkers in North America,
> Internet interconnection is largely unregulated. However, in  some countries, public regulation has emerged – be it through transparency rules, mandatory peering or licensing terms.
> Currently, we lack an overview about where regulation exists and we know little about how it affects internet connectivity on a global scale.
> To start filling this information gap, I have set up a short survey for network engineers, peering coordinators and network-savvy legal staffers. The goal is to crowdsource an initial overview about formal regulation of internet interconnection around the world.
> Please participate! It takes no more than 10 minutes and will serve the community: <> < <>>
> I will publish the results under a Creative Commons license.
> Also, please consider helping by forwarding the link to fellow interconnection professionals - think of your Facebook or LinkedIn groups, of chat channels and mailing lists. The more regional diversity, the better.
> When do you plan to publish the results? Will it be just the raw results or a study on top of (or illustrated by) it will be published?

That is a very good question. Time is tight, but I plan to present preliminary results in time for the Internet Governance Forum, which takes place Nov 10-13, 2015 in Joao Pessoa, Brazil (remote participation will be possible).

However, the survey will be online beyond this event (phase II). I am looking at sharing the results in a report before Christmas. Do not nail me down on the exact date :)

The raw data will be published, but in a way that the participant’s privacy is fully protected, i.e. no personal data, but also no data from which the organisational affiliation can be derived.

In general, the idea behind the survey is to understand if regulation of interconnection is perceived as an issue and if so, where. Because of the sampling method, generalisation of the results will be limited. So the survey shall primarily help to identify avenues for possible future research and foster the discussion within the community.

> Nice survey.


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