Short (!) survey about internet interconnection

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Wed Oct 21 02:30:31 UTC 2015

On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 6:33 AM, Uta Meier-Hahn <meier-hahn at> wrote:

> Dear networkers in North America,
> Internet interconnection is largely unregulated. However, in  some
> countries, public regulation has emerged – be it through transparency
> rules, mandatory peering or licensing terms.
> Currently, we lack an overview about where regulation exists and we know
> little about how it affects internet connectivity on a global scale.
> To start filling this information gap, I have set up a short survey for
> network engineers, peering coordinators and network-savvy legal staffers.
> The goal is to crowdsource an initial overview about formal regulation of
> internet interconnection around the world.
> Please participate! It takes no more than 10 minutes and will serve the
> community: <
> I will publish the results under a Creative Commons license.
> Also, please consider helping by forwarding the link to fellow
> interconnection professionals - think of your Facebook or LinkedIn groups,
> of chat channels and mailing lists. The more regional diversity, the better.

When do you plan to publish the results? Will it be just the raw results or
a study on top of (or illustrated by) it will be published?

Nice survey.

> Thank you!
> Kind regards,
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