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Bob Evans bob at
Mon Oct 19 21:02:27 UTC 2015

Bill,  It's my list too.

1) You are wrong for telling me what to do ?
2) Are we suppose to check with you to see how far the list can degrade ?

You want to tell me to chill - do it offline like a reasonable participant.

You should apologize.

Thank You
Bob Evans

> On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 1:19 PM, Bob Evans <bob at>
> wrote:
>> Here's your answer....It's in the charter - join a sales forum
>> networking means technical network issues....not
>> marketing networking that you find in so many places on the net..
>>  NANOG serves as a bridge between the technical staff of leading
>> Internet
>> providers close to network operations, technical communities such as
>> standards bodies, and the academic community. NANOG has consistently
>> worked to maintain a high level of technical content in meetings and all
>> related activities. In striving to achieve these goals, all tutorials
>> and
>> presentations, including BOF presentations, are reviewed in advance and
>> are limited to those entirely of a general technical nature, explicitly
>> prohibiting material that relates to any specific product or service
>> offerings. For similar reasons, equipment exhibits are limited to
>> specified special events at each meeting. - See more at:
> Chill out Bob. The charter contains many guidelines, few rules.
> "Minimize snark" is not one of the list rules. Or even one of the
> guidelines.
> -Bill
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