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Don't forget about this bug:

Uptime bug is referenced in UTStarcom documentation as AnswerID 3497;
If you are experiencing poor performance and / or operational slowdown on
your network of the HiPer ARC card and the card uptime is over 400 days,
please update the codebase to the following releases - 5.3.135 or better
(for TCS 4.5) or 5.7.135 or better (for TCS 4.7). Previous versions of code
will require a scheduled reboot every year to prevent problems such as:
Random Packet Bus failure
Management Bus failure of HiPer ARC reported by NMC
Inability to ping the HiPer ARC card
Various commands via telnet or console fail to complete on the HiPer ARC.

So I have reminder to myself to reboot the boxes every August.


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3Com TC here.  9 users online at the moment.  Surprises me that it's 
that high.  Last reboot on the HiperARC was 399 days ago. I almost 
forgot how to log on to the damned thing.

At one time we had over 3000 DS0s worth of dialup capacity.

At 09:37 AM 17/10/2015, frnkblk at iname.com wrote:
>We're still using USR Robotics/3com TotalControls and were able to 
>get some spare parts from our statewide telecom partner when they 
>shut down their stuff.  Most common problem we see now are fan 
>failures, but we just cannabilize existing the fans out of a fan 
>tray.  The volume of calls are so low that there are no hours that 
>no one is dialed in, and at most we see two people connected at one time.
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>Does anyone have any suggestions on equipment for our ISP that is still
>supporting dial up customers?
>At the moment we are running 3Com Total Control 1000's but are running out
>of spare parts as we have failures.  Given that this gear is so old trying
>to source spare parts is proving to be difficult.
>We do have access to an Cisco AS5200 but are looking for maybe a SIP based
>solution that could possibly run on our VM farm?  Has anyone heard of
>anything like that or does it even exist?
>What kind of gear are you running if you still are supporting dial up
>Thanks in advance
>Will Duquette
>Network Systems Engineer


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