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Clayton Zekelman clayton at MNSi.Net
Sat Oct 17 14:34:27 UTC 2015

We only run our own because as a CLEC, we self supply the 
PRI.  Otherwise yes, outsource away...

At 10:29 AM 17/10/2015, Jason Canady wrote:
>I'm going to go with Justin's suggestion and go with a wholesale 
>provider such as DialupUSA.  It's not worth paying for the lines and 
>keeping a T1 or better for just a few users.  DialupUSA use to 
>charge around $5/user.  They also had hourly and per port options. 
>Looks like you can port existing numbers to them now.  I used them 
>9-10 years ago and they were great to work with!  IKANO bought them 
>out since then, but they still operate under DialupUSA.net.  They 
>have DSL and T1 options too.
>- Jason
>On 10/17/15 10:23 AM, Clayton Zekelman wrote:
>>3Com TC here.  9 users online at the moment.  Surprises me that 
>>it's that high.  Last reboot on the HiperARC was 399 days ago. I 
>>almost forgot how to log on to the damned thing.
>>At one time we had over 3000 DS0s worth of dialup capacity.
>>At 09:37 AM 17/10/2015, frnkblk at iname.com wrote:
>>>We're still using USR Robotics/3com TotalControls and were able to 
>>>get some spare parts from our statewide telecom partner when they 
>>>shut down their stuff.  Most common problem we see now are fan 
>>>failures, but we just cannabilize existing the fans out of a fan 
>>>tray.  The volume of calls are so low that there are no hours that 
>>>no one is dialed in, and at most we see two people connected at one time.
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>>>Does anyone have any suggestions on equipment for our ISP that is still
>>>supporting dial up customers?
>>>At the moment we are running 3Com Total Control 1000's but are running out
>>>of spare parts as we have failures.  Given that this gear is so old trying
>>>to source spare parts is proving to be difficult.
>>>We do have access to an Cisco AS5200 but are looking for maybe a SIP based
>>>solution that could possibly run on our VM farm?  Has anyone heard of
>>>anything like that or does it even exist?
>>>What kind of gear are you running if you still are supporting dial up
>>>Thanks in advance
>>>Will Duquette
>>>Network Systems Engineer


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