Broken IPV6 for Enterprise websites

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Sat Oct 17 13:26:58 UTC 2015

FYI, started responding to HTTPv6 requests this morning at
12:17 am (U.S. Central).  Not ICMPv6, though.

It was also up October 11 from 4:09 to 4:16 am, and then again from 4:26 to
4:46 am.

Since I've started tracking it, this is the longest the site has been
accessible over IPv6. has only been up over IPv6 on October 11 from 12:54 am to
1:04 am.


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Subject: Broken IPV6 for Enterprise websites

The and websites advertise AAAA records,
but the web servers don't respond to IPV6 HTTP requests.  I have tried
to contacting Enterprise several times to correct, but I can't get thru
their layers of customer service.  I'm hoping that somebody on NANOG
knows a technical contact at Enterprise.

Clinton Work

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