IP-Echelon Compliance

Bob Evans bob at FiberInternetCenter.com
Tue Oct 13 15:30:39 UTC 2015

WAIT WAIT - I know the solution to all of this.  Let's pass a law that
requires everyone to fill out a form to buy a device with a MAC address.
Make them wait 10 days to verify the buyer has never committed a digital
crime. While law enforcement puts it in a pile forms and pretends they can
verify through the process of piling and ignoring it. 10 days later, If
law enforcement doesn't call - the store can then call the buyer and tell
them they can pick up their new potential crime committing internet

Oh Gee, I see here that I have been living in California too long.

Bob Evans

BTW, from this thread, I just learned that responding the way the spam
email states doesn't make it possible communicate with company personnel -
you must first fill out an application and register to communicate ? A
kind or opt-in-proof.

We get these emails.... 99% of the time its the same IP address subnets of
wi-fi in hotels or schools. They are always 12 hours late and often older
- days late - hotel guests customers have checked out or closed their
hacked laptop after their lunch meeting.

What's a busy hotel staff suppose to do track down a guest MAC addresses -
hire better firewall companies to block specific port traffic because of
its potential use? Thought that ol' bit-torrent stuff flips ports whenever
it needs too ?

> Hi Fred,
> I can’t find your name, email address or the domain-name from your email
> in our mailboxes.
> If you send the request via this webform or via email to the address
> specified in the notice, we’ll absolutely jump on it and respond ASAP.
> I can’t monitor this thread further but please reach out via the
> channels described so we can help.
> Cheers,
> Seth
>> On Oct 13, 2015, at 2:10 AM, Fred Hollis <fred at web2objects.com> wrote:
>> At least, we tried contacting you many times, but you ignored all our
>> requests.
>> Still receiving thousands of e-mails not related to our IPs on daily
>> basis.
>>> On 13.10.2015 at 00:04 Seth Arnold wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> Please feel free to get in touch with us to request changes.
>>> Expedited processing of your requests is offered through the Notice
>>> Recipient Management for ISPs section of our website located here:
>>> http://www.ip-echelon.com/isp-notice-management/
>>> <http://www.ip-echelon.com/isp-notice-management/>
>>> If you are in the U.S., please also ensure that your change is
>>> reflected in the records of the US Copyright Office:
>>> http://copyright.gov/onlinesp/list/a_agents.html
>>> <http://copyright.gov/onlinesp/list/a_agents.html>
>>> Cheers,
>>> Seth

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