GPON Optical Levels

Colton Conor colton.conor at
Mon Oct 12 15:47:42 UTC 2015

We are deploying our first GPON network, and are trying to get a sense of
what is a good optical level per ONT. The equipment install guide says the

Measure the levels of the 1550 dBm and 1490 dBm receive optical inputs using

an optical power meter. The input range should be between -27.0 dBm to -8


Attached are the measurements I can see and graph from the ONT side. Trying
to get a sense of what range we would graph as good (green) measured within
the clear, what we could consider yellow as working but out of optimal
range, and what we could consider poor (red) range.

What about the Laser Bias Current, Optics Module Voltage, and Optics Module

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