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Henrik Thostrup Jensen htj at nordu.net
Mon Oct 12 08:57:20 UTC 2015

On Fri, 9 Oct 2015, Jeremy Austin wrote:

> Juneau, I'm not so surprised; how many other cities that small and isolated
> have IXes? I'm curious. It's an interesting prospect, at least for some
> value of $location.

Several small cities in Sweden have IXes. Not sure than any of them are 
quite as small as Juneau, but some (Borås, Luleå, Sundsvall) are sub 100k 
people, and other cities (Umeå, Uppsala) are just over 100k inhabitants. 
Umeå and Luleå are releativly isolated - at least by European standards.

Most of these are probably just a switch or two, and are probably there to 
provide better quality of service, and not because it makes for a good 

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