IP-Echelon Compliance

Fred Hollis fred at web2objects.com
Sat Oct 10 00:07:20 UTC 2015

Oh, interesting you have the same? We receive thousands of these 
complains on daily basis that are not related to any of our IPs.

Of course we contacted them... but never got a response.

On 09.10.2015 at 22:00 Baldur Norddahl wrote:
> Hi
> I am sure all of you know of these guys. But what do you do when they keep
> spamming your abuse address with reports for illegal downloads from
> IP-addresses that are in no way related to our business?
> I tried contacting them. And was told repeatedly that I had to update whois
> information if I want the reports to be sent to another address. How I do
> that for IP-ranges that are not mine is a good question. Besides the whois
> information for said IP-ranges already have valid abuse information and it
> is not our email address.
> Do I just block them for spamming?
> Regards,
> Baldur

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