The continuing IPv6 discussion (was: /27 the new /24)

Stephen Satchell list at
Fri Oct 9 13:16:18 UTC 2015

I have been reviewing the proposed submission to the FCC ET Docket No. 
15-170, regarding the requirement that vendors of wireless equipment 
"lock down" updates, and find this quote in that submission particularly 
apropos to the ongoing IPv6-on-wireless discussion:

"Most Wi-Fi routers, even the newest ones, do not or only barely support 
IPv6, with poor implementations of IPv6 leading to problems with 

Quoting this thread, they are, in their submission!

Does it make the assertion that "existing CPE isn't ready for prime 
time" accurate?  That's still open for debate.  What is "settled 
science" is that, after 17 years, we are still learning just how to deal 
with IPv6's quirks and foibles, just as the community did with IPv4 in 
the last quarter of the previous century (and continuing into this one). 
  After 17 years, the community at large has a huge hurdle educating the 
vendors, the providers, and the consumers to the point that everyone 
(not just a few geeks) has a satisfactory comfort level with the new 

The heat and flame in this thread shows the range of comfort levels. 
Most of the conflict exposed in this thread concerns the differences in 
views by providers of general transit, versus providers of "last mile" 
and enterprise connectivity.  The positions taken by the two camps are 
equally valid FOR THEIR MARKETS.

As one of the participants in the latter market category, I have learned 
a great deal about IPv6.  Moreover, I have been given pointers by people 
in this forum to sources of additional information, particularly sources 
that are more up to date.  Amazon will be delivering a big box around 
the 17th.

As for my own network, I have discovered that my upstream, Charter 
Communications, has put together some support pages for their deployment 
of IPv6.  Once I have the appropriate firewall in place to mirror my 
IPv4 firewall I can start getting dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 up and going.

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