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I know of literally hundreds of ISPs using them in the US and I'm sure that number is in the thousands. After hearing complaints from larger networks of their larger gear... it's the same shit everyone else deals with. 

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Hello James, 

Le 05/10/2015 06:45, James Jun a écrit : 
> I'm not aware of any carrier-grade network that operates on these things. 

With the availability of a 80Gbps model and upcoming updates to the 
routing process (in RouterOS 7), chances are these boxes will drag much 
more attention in the next 2-3 years. 

Still, it looks like their products are widely used in developping 
countries where cheap hardware and flexible / low power requirements 
(you'd run a CCR1009 off a car battery for a solid 2 weeks - no 
regulator needed) makes them the only viable choice. 

I know of at least a dozen ISP running these as well, here in western 
Europe. It solved many space and power issues in dense carrier hotels, 
and is a cheap and efficient way out of a 6500/7600 (in sub 20Gbps 
scenarios) based network. 

I wouldn't sell transit or provide criticial services with a 
mikrotik-based network just yet, mostly for the lack of enough personnal 
confidence and experience with them, but havin endured nights of 
debugging with poor quality code in recent major player's routers, I 
doubt they're as misfits as you suggest. 

Best regards, 

Jérôme Nicolle 

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