Last call for signatures to the FCC on the wifi lockdown issue

Dave Taht dave.taht at
Fri Oct 9 11:03:26 UTC 2015

The CeroWrt project's letter to the FCC on how to better manage the
software on wifi and home routers vs some proposed regulations is now
in last call for signatures. The final draft of the FCC submittal is

The principal signers (Dave Taht and Vint Cerf), are joined by many
network researchers, open source developers, and dozens of developers
of aftermarket firmware projects like OpenWrt.

Prominent signers currently include:

Jonathan Corbet, David P. Reed, Dan Geer, Jim Gettys, Phil Karn, Felix
Fietkau, Corinna "Elektra" Aichele, Randell Jesup, Eric S. Raymond,
Andreas Petlund, Sascha Meinrath, Joe Touch, Dave Farber, Nick
Feamster, Paul Vixie, Bob Frankston, Eric Schultz, Brahm Cohen,  Jeff
Osborn, Harald Alvestrand, and James Woodyatt.

If you would like to join our call for substituting sane software
engineering practices over misguided regulations, the window for
adding your signature to the letter closes at 11:59AM ET, today,
Friday, 2015-10-08.

Sign via webform here:

We are at approximately 170 signatures as I write.

For more details on the controversy we are attempting to address, or
to submit your own filing to the FCC see:


Dave Täht
CeroWrt Project Architect
Tel: +46547001161

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