/27 the new /24

Denis Fondras xxnog at ledeuns.net
Fri Oct 9 06:52:47 UTC 2015

> >>Plus one to that. We are such a provider, and IPv6 is on my list of
> >>things to implement, but the barriers are still plenty high. Firstly, I
> >>do have an Ipv6 assignmnt and bgp (v4) and an asn, but until I can get
> >>IPv6 transit,
> >
> >There are lots of transit providers that provide IPv6.  It really is
> >time to name and shame transit providers that don't provide IPv6.
> Unless he's buying from Bob's Bait, Tackle, and Internet (who's reselling
> service off his Brighthouse cable modem connection), I find it hard to
> believe there are "transit providers" in the NANOG region who still cannot
> provide dual-stack addressing and BGP for DIA.

Speaking of HE, they can provide IPv6 transit (for some definition of
transit) to anyone with an ASN for almost free.

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