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Matthias Leisi matthias at leisi.net
Sun Oct 4 13:40:28 UTC 2015

> One or more of these things will be the death of IPv4:

IPv4 will not die, it will be superseded by something better :) 

What I have found to be the greatest obstacle to IPv6 adoption is the state of IPv6 support in various types of CPEs / network equipment. The support is mostly OK in higher-end gear. But have you checked the support in home- or small-office devices? 

In the handful of devices I recently had to deal with, IPv6 is always at best a „second class citizen“. First, there is some GUI for setup around IPv4. Then, if you are lucky, there are some poorly and inconsistently labelled  „Advanced“ settings that may or may not enable IPv6. Or may enable some semi-consistent state that has been in an obscure lab setup once upon a time. 

The built-in VPN which only supports IPv4 (that one specifically on an Asus router). A printer that behaves differently at different times under IPv4 than under IPv6. A NAS that works with IPv6 - *most* of the time. 

While I can personally work around most of these issues, it simply does not scale to even a small office environment with some semi-technical people. That’s basic stuff that just needs to work, regardless of whether it runs on IPv4 or IPv6. 

> Fortunately, in this case, we have a nice new body that we can transplant the internet into that has many fruitful years ahead
> of it. So… Do whatever you have to to survive in the meantime, but focus on getting your stuff onto the IPv6 internet so that
> we can all let IPv4 go gently into that good night and have it’s well deserved final rest.

Fully agree. But the current state of IPv6 outside "professional“ networks/devices is sincerely limited by a lot of poor CPE and consumer device implementations. 

— Matthias

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