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> On Fri, 02 Oct 2015 20:04:50 -0700, JoeSox said:
>> Does anyone know how much traffic a 'media blitz' (for lack of a better
>> word) generates?

Disclaimer I work for a CDN of but I'm a former consumer of such
services as well.

if you have recourse to a CDN it can be farily straight forward to shift
the serving of resources to or away from it in reponse to demand. if you
have an existing setup with a CDN, control of your DNS, reasonably short
TTLs, and decent seperation of resource names from the physical machines
on which they reside this can be done without anticipation, rather quickly.

It's cheap and easy enough to experiment with a least some of these
services that you can experiment with them for little or sometimes no
cost prior to employing them.


> We had a tragic incident on campus in 2007.  Our dual 1G's died right
> away, and we hurried to deploy an in-progress 10G link install that day, and
> *that* barely kept up with the hits even when we stripped the webpage down
> to about 20K of static text.
> Unfortunately for humanity and fortunately for your bandwidth budget,
> a peace price is unlikely to generate as much traffic as tragedy.

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