Inexpensive probes for automated bandwidth testing purposes

John Levine johnl at
Sun Oct 4 00:56:53 UTC 2015

In article <37DBA43E-EE76-4323-962C-30BB988D0C2E at> you write:
>Greetings, NANOG.  Happy Saturday to all.
>I am running a DOCSIS network that has a noisy cable plant.  I want to be able to substantiate and quantify users' bandwidth issues.  I would
>like a set of inexpensive probes that I could place at selected customer's homes/businesses that would on a scheduled basis perform bandwidth

The RIPE Atlas project uses TP-Link TL-MR3020 minirouters reprogramed
to be network probes collecting data not unlike what you're interested
in.  They are $28 apiece at Amazon so I'd expect them to be under $20
in any quantity.

RIPE gives away the source code here:


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