How to force rapid ipv6 adoption

Scott Weeks surfer at
Sat Oct 3 22:15:20 UTC 2015

--- marka at wrote:
From: Mark Andrews <marka at>

:: Lots of homes don't even know they are running 
:: IPv6 in parallel with IPv4.  It is usually a 
:: non-event.

That's for sure.  I have been focusing a lot on work
lately instead of my home network and one day I just
happened to notice one of my ISPs (TW) turned on IPv6 
in Hawaii.  Embarrassingly, I don't even know when 
they turned it on.  It just worked.

:: The hard part is convincing the guys and gals on 
:: this list to turn it on

In defense of many folks on the list it is many times
a VERY hard task convincing non-technical or minimally
technically oriented managers to let us have the time
and permission to roll it out.  It's one thing that's 
got me really grumpy about where I work.  They just 
don't (and don't want to) understand.


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