How to force rapid ipv6 adoption

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Sat Oct 3 00:19:14 UTC 2015

In message <560E9A20.7090703 at>, Stephen Satchell writes:
> On 10/02/2015 07:27 AM, Steve Mikulasik wrote:
> > I think people get too lost in the weeds when they start focusing on
> > device support, home router support, user knowledge, etc. Just get it
> > working to the people and we can figure out the rest later.
> >
> The reality is that if customers can get it wrong, they WILL get it 
> wrong.  So sluffing off customer support isn't an option -- it WILL bite 
> you in the ass, and the ISP who takes your advice can find themselves in 
> hot water, perhaps even legal hot water.
> Unless you are willing to let ISPs give out your phone number...  :)

And turning on IPv6 really isn't any harder than turning on IPv4.
It is plug and play with modern CPE devices.  Lots of homes don't
even know they are running IPv6 in parallel with IPv4.  It is usually
a non-event.

The hard part is convincing the guys and gals on this list to turn
it on and to provide a reasonable sized prefix via prefix delegation.

You really should be providing a /48 and non of the /56 BS.  That
way you all can do site based reputation using a /48 which the
bigger sites will have.

One size fits all has big benefits.

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