How to force rapid ipv6 adoption

Stephen Satchell list at
Fri Oct 2 15:13:46 UTC 2015

On 10/02/2015 07:48 AM, Cryptographrix wrote:
> For ISPs that already exist, what benefit do they get from
> providing/allowing IPv6 transit to their customers?
> Keep in mind that the net is now basically another broadcast medium.

Interesting you should use that phrase.  IPv4 is the "AM band", while 
IPv6 is the "FM band".  (The more I think about it, the better I like 
this parallel.)  As more and more "broadcasters" offer IPv6 
connectivity, either "simulcast" or IPv6 only, the more customers will 
want to use IPv6.

I think the "killer app" for IPv6 will be the Internet of Things (IoT). 
  I see the trend for people to have mixed IPv4/IPv6 on their inside 
network, particularly wireless, but less need to bridge IPv6 to the 
outside world.

Need to get to your IoT stuff from the outside?  (Assuming you have a 
fixed or quasi-fixed IPv4 address, of course.)  Then you can use an 
appliance that will map IPv4 ports to IPv6 inside addresses.  So if you 
really, really want to control your lights from your office, you can. 
Without the ISP making the investment.

The big question is, how many SERVICES will go IPv6 only?  I see Google, 
Netflix, Hulu, and similar broadcast sources being dual stack for a long 
time to come.  That reduces the pressure on ISPs to launch IPv6.

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