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Thu Nov 26 02:15:22 UTC 2015


On 11/25/15 at 05:19pm, Bob Evans wrote:
> For an ISP type service - it's almost impossible the make it up in volume
> - all you need is one phone call to cost you $10 in support on a $3.50
> service. With that many customers you can imagine how many call to just
> ask what happened or vent after the event is over.
a painful reality ... support costs are NOT cheap if one is trying
to keep customers happy 

more customers usually requires more support expenses too and hopeully,
support expenses would start to go down after some critical levels

> I founded a cable modem business prior to docsis standard.


> What do they call it when one keeps
> doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result ?

"the internet"
"there's NO sheriff in town"
"there's a (new) sucker born every second"
"dumb money"
"tax deductions - tax write offs"
"i wanna get involved, me too syndrome"

> Low priced services are difficult to make profitable 

- pricing strategy vs customer volume is always a tradeoff
- one can always give well behaved customers their discounts from "normal pricing"
- one cannot give "good service" when starting from "lowest possible pricing"

magic pixie dust on dah turkey

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