SevOne Monitoring

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Wed Nov 25 17:04:53 UTC 2015

I looked at SevOne and liked the product a lot.  One thing we found was that the pricing model escalates pretty rapidly because they count every OBJECT you monitor, not every device.  So if I am looking at Bytes In, Bytes Out, Errors In, etc on a single interface those are all counted as a separate OBJECT against your license count.  You really have to be more selective about what you want to see which to me is really inconvenient because often you don't know what SNMP object you want to look at until a problem surfaces.  One of the strengths I really liked was the trending capability that helps you predict capacity issues before you hit them.

Summary:  Good product, real expensive in wide deployment.

Steven Naslund
Chicago IL

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Hey folks.


Looking for feedback from actual customers on SevOne for network monitoring . anyone using them and willing to share thoughts online/offline?


They have an appealing system for network monitoring and considering it as a replacement to Solarwinds. 






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