Binge On! - And So This is Net Neutrality?

Jean-Francois Mezei jfmezei_nanog at
Wed Nov 25 09:40:00 UTC 2015

On 2015-11-23 17:12, Owen DeLong wrote:
> Except there’s no revenue share here. According to T-Mobile, the streaming partners
> aren’t paying anything to T-Mo and T-Mo isn’t paying them.

In Canada, Vidéotron has begun a similar scheme for streaming music. It
is currently at the CRTC. They also claimed that the setting up of the
scheme with a music streaming partner involved no money exchange.

They provided a contract. This contract was 1 page. yes, large incumbent
wireless/cable carrier with large legal departments signs a 1 page
contract.... This page dealth with which IP addresses from the music
streaming service would be zero rated by the carrier.

Yet, their advertising uses logos from the handful of music services
they have accepted.  Permission to use such logos was not included in
that 1 page contract which means that there would be a separate
contract, not related to zero rating which would deal with co-marketing
and whatever else.

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