Opinions on Arista 7280?

dcorbe at hammerfiber.com dcorbe at hammerfiber.com
Tue Nov 24 21:16:44 UTC 2015

I love the MLXe as a platform.  Especially for a campus style switch.

Also Cisco really isn't expensive.  Not for this type of application.   
A 7606-S can be purchased refurbished for like 90% off list price.   
The market is seriously glutted with them.

Quoting Josh Reynolds <josh at kyneticwifi.com>:

> Have you looked at the brocade MLXe line?
> On Nov 24, 2015 12:05 PM, "David Hubbard" <dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com>
> wrote:
>> Curious if anyone's used the 7280 and wants to share their experience?
>> I'm looking at it primarily for three reasons, MLAG (i.e. multi-chassis
>> LACP), large ARP/MAC table (256k entries) and large IPv6 neighbor table
>> (256k entries).  For the table sizes we would like out of one pair of
>> switches, we'd be into the Cisco 7000 series, but that's dramatically
>> more expensive and we don't need much of anything else that it offers.
>> Looked at Brocade too, but they don't have devices that can do the multi
>> chassis LACP, has the huge table sizes and has a reasonable number of
>> 10gig ports.  It was possible to construct a workable solution using
>> VDX's for switching and CER's for routing, but that's more complex than
>> Arista's option if it's a usable option.
>> Thanks,
>> David

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