DHCPv6 PD & Routing Questions

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>If you have a *workable* solution for the case where you're handed a /56
and are running a second CeroWRT or OpenWRT to improve coverage at the other
end of the house that >doesn't include hierarchical routing, we'd love to
hear it.  Note that "workable" includes "Joe Sixpack must have a reasonable
chance of it working with minimum user configuration".

Why wouldn't you just attach the second device via a LAN (versus the WAN)
port, and disabling it's DHCP/SLAAC?  Or use a proper L2-only wireless
device like a range extender or an AP?  If Joe Sixpack can't handle that, he
probably is going to fail at getting OpenWRT to work, or configuring static
IPv6 routes, or modifying windows firewall to allow his other subnets


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