Comcast eastern Washington storm update?

Aaron C. de Bruyn aaron at
Fri Nov 20 00:39:21 UTC 2015

I know the east side of my state was nailed with a big storm.  The Gov
declared a state of emergency.

Comcast service for several of my clients has understandably been down
since Tuesday.

I called in a few times over the last two days and the automated message
keeps saying "service should be restored by 12:01 PM today", after that
time passes the message gets changed to 7:01 PM, then to 8:01 AM, then
12:01 PM.  (Always '01'--what's with that?)

One time I let the call get through to a rep and they couldn't give any
information on the extent of the damage or an ETA.

Can anyone at Comcast shed some light on the disaster over there or give a
rough idea on service restoration?

As always, I appreciate the hard work from the guys in the trenches and the
engineers that miraculously seem to keep my clients up 24/7.  (Just for
fun, attached are stats about the router for 365 days before the storm
hit--and most of that 'unreachable' time was probably issues with the
monitoring server.)

Thanks again for all your hard work.


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