Is there a DNS lookup, traceroute, ping and HTTP GET as a service?

Kurt Kraut listas at
Wed Nov 18 16:38:28 UTC 2015


Thank you for the quick replies. Sorry for not being clear enough: I need
it to have an API so I can integrate it with my own solution, generate my
own metrics. So looking glasses are pretty much useless: they don't support
HTTP GET and DNS lookup (usually) and the parsing for so many different
HTML or telnet sources would be very time consuming.

Also I've seen many looking glasses with captchas to halt these intents. So
I need a SaaS with an API for these tests.

About RIPE ATLAS, I already have one of their boxes and it never worked.
Simply doesn't appear as online. Their support just barely gave me some
tips but with no meaningful result. I need something reliable and I'm
willing to pay for this service. RIPE Atlas falls in the category of 'best

Best regards,

Kurt Kraut

2015-11-18 14:32 GMT-02:00 William Herrin <bill at>:

> On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 11:28 AM, Kurt Kraut via NANOG <nanog at>
> wrote:
> > I'm evaluating different datacenters and vendors accross the globe and it
> > isn't worthy to perform tests like DNS, traceroute, ping and HTTP GET
> from
> > my office. I need to be able to perform this tests remotely, from
> multiple
> > endpoints.
> For common tests like ping and traceroute, google "ip looking glass".
> There are a lot of them in a lot of locations, all free to use.
> -Bill
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