Google Captcha on web searches

Ian Mock ianm at
Wed Nov 11 16:39:45 UTC 2015

We had an IP flagged where a new hire in our Marketing dept was doing some kind of SEO and was hammering Google's servers with API requests in the hundreds per minute. Google flagged it as malicious, got the captcha for all users behind that IP. After we found and stopped him, it returned to normal after a few hours.

Ian Mock

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On 11/Nov/15 18:15, Christopher Morrow wrote:

> Yes, people also jump out of perfectly good airplanes... we can't fix
> all the things :(
> my point really is you assume some risk when you do odd things with
> basic plumbing on the internet, if you don't actually know what you
> are doing you're going to get burned.
> Quoted from Wikipedia:
> "Dangers of Use[edit]
> The dangers of using an unknown IP as a Smart DNS are similar to any
> other rogue DNS server preforming DNS hijacking in that the user is
> not aware which parts of his traffic are redirect and intercepted."

No arguments from me there...


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