Environmental Graph Interpretation

Lorell Hathcock lorell at hathcock.org
Tue Nov 10 22:48:04 UTC 2015



Are there any one the list that would care to take a look at some graphs of
temperature, relative humidity and dew point that I have for two locations.
In one of the two locations, I'm having a problem with the floor getting wet
(condensation?).  At the other everything is just fine.


I need to understand what these graphs are telling me about the problem and
if a simple dehumidifier would solve my moisture problem.


Any takers?


Oh, the environmental monitor I installed in each location is the IT
Watchdog from Geist Global.  I bought the POE version.  Installed like a
charm and was $229 plus shipping.


I do wonder if this question is off topic, but then I can hear myself saying
"Hey, I'm Operating a Network, here!  In North America!"  And then I think,
"Yep, on topic!"






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