Updated Ookla Speedtest Server Requirements

Lorell Hathcock lorell at hathcock.org
Tue Nov 10 13:34:56 UTC 2015

Good point.  There will be no one customer that can get a 10G speedtest from
us.  But there will be hundreds that should be able to get a 1G test.
Should any of them try simultaneously, I want to be ready.  Plus I don't
know what miscellaneous speedtests from the net to expect, so I want to
affordably overbuild.

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On Mon, 09 Nov 2015 15:27:20 -0600, "Lorell Hathcock" said:

> I want a server that is capable of handlilng a speedtest up to 10Gbps.

Do you have (or are planning to have) a clear 10G path to enough systems
that want to use speedtest specifically to make it worthwhile?  We have a
lot of gear reachable at high speeds, but the admins of those servers
usually care more about iperf and similar than speedtest.....

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