Favorite GPON Vendor?

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Mon Nov 9 19:25:44 UTC 2015

We use the Adtran ONT solutions.  We are using AE (Active Ethernet) not GPON but the solutions are similar for Adtran.  We are providing IP and Analog this way.  If used in the specified scope only there have been very little problems.  Adtran is constantly updating their firmware, this can be a positive and negative at times.  LoL

The configuration is Adtran TA5000 with an Active Ethernet 24-Port Module (1187562F1) feeding an ONT TA324E (1287737G2) at the customer premise.
For power we are using the Cyber Power CSN27U12v-NA3 units.
The clam shell we are using to put the ONT in is TA350 ONT NID HSG SPLICE (1187770G1)
All of these part numbers should be available on Adtrans website to look up.

We are also testing some iPhotonix ONTs but have not gotten to the point we are sure we want to deploy them.


PS I will post this in voiceops as well (it may be more relevant there)

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I Personally would like to know as well.  We are just getting into GPON and the equipment we have been evaluating is clunky at best... It came highly recommended and supposed to be stable.

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Who is your favorite GPON  OLT/ONU Vendor? Why?   I am looking for

I apologize in advance , if you feel my question is inappropriate for this mailing list ( feel free to point me to right forum/mailing list).


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