Internap route optimization

Rafael Possamai rafaelpossa at
Fri Nov 6 15:12:09 UTC 2015

A few years ago I had a couple boxes in a datacenter in Chicago that had
its traffic optimized by Internap. Latency wise, it was always the lowest
to my other applications, compared to other locations I had on-line. I am
not sure what other benefits it brought aside from lower latency. One thing
to remember is that they had several uplinks, so if you only have a couple
I can't imagine the impact to be great.

Just my 2cents.

On Thu, Nov 5, 2015 at 2:03 AM, Paras <paras at> wrote:

> Does anyone know or have any experience with Internap's route
> optimization? Is it any good?
> I've heard of competing solutions as well, such as the one provided by
> Noction.
> Thanks for your input,
> Paras

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