Long-haul 100Mbps EPL circuit throughput issue

Theodore Baschak theodore at ciscodude.net
Fri Nov 6 02:27:27 UTC 2015

> On Nov 5, 2015, at 8:18 PM, Pablo Lucena <plucena at coopergeneral.com> wrote:
> ​I realized I made a typo:

switch.ch has a nice bandwidth delay product calculator.
https://www.switch.ch/network/tools/tcp_throughput/ <https://www.switch.ch/network/tools/tcp_throughput/>

Punching in the link spec from the original post, gives pretty much exactly what you said Pablo, including that it'd get ~6.999 megabits with a default 64k window.

BDP (100 Mbit/sec, 75.0 ms) = 0.94 MByte 
required tcp buffer to reach 100 Mbps with RTT of 75.0 ms >= 915.5 KByte 


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