New ISPs getting of the ground without IPv4?

Tony Wicks tony at
Tue Nov 3 01:20:43 UTC 2015

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>Surprisingly enough demand for Internet services did not end when we ran out of IPv4. I'd like to hear from the guys and gals starting new ISPs how they are facing this brave new world. 

Well, APNIC ran out years ago, so as someone with experience running a residential ISP with very limited IPv4 I can tell you that the overwhelming majority of customers don't know or care that they are running behind CGNAT as long as you are upfront about it (in the FAQ's, no you can't run a server on this service). One /24 is good for about 16k broadband users without major issues (apart from dealing with random blocks by our "friends" at "playstation"). Overall it just works and nobody notices. You will want a good DDOS scrubbing solution though as you can't just block a destination IP that happens to be in one of your IP pools.

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